GREEN ISTRIA - THE WINE - ROAD PENINSULA invites you to visit Istria this spring and taste its wines Istria's wine production is concentrated in 4 wine centers (Buje, Porec, Pazin and Rovinj) and their surrounding places. Come visit them and with the help of local vintners choose one of the wines that have received international awards or one the wines made in the traditional manner.

Discover green Istria! Every village has its own konoba (local restaurant) offering prsut (smoked ham) and wine, while accommodation in rooms and apartments is available in's offer.

WINE-ROAD 1: Brtonigla, Umag, Novigrad, Dajla, Nova Vas, Groznjan, Buje, Savudrija
WINE-ROAD 2: Visnjan, Tar, Baderna, Funtana, Lovrec
WINE-ROAD 3: Buzet, Tinjan, Pazin
WINE-ROAD 4: Rovinj, Vodnjan, Valbandon Istria's winelist contains three wine sorts: malvazija (malmsey) and muskat (muscatel) of the white wines and teran of the red wines. The Istrian malvazija of a century-old tradition varies in color from hay-yellow to golden, while its odor is similar to the locust blossom. Due to its refreshing aroma it is best served with sea food. Teran praised by Casanova differs from malvazija in color. Ruby-red, of a full, fruity scent and flavor, it is best served with meat stews and venison. Muskat or moskat is according to many the best of the Istrian wines. It has a golden color, flowery scent and extraordinary dry-sweet aroma - perfect for gourmands! In addition to all of this, it is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

WINE-ROAD 1: Buje and its surroundings (Brtonigla, Umag, Novigrad, Dajla, Nova Vas, Groznjan, Buje, Savudrija)

This city dates back to the Middle Ages and is placed on a hill in the interior of Istria, 34 km from Porec. Visit the stone towers and houses built in the Venetian style, take part in horseback riding and hunting activities, enjoy a wonderful meal along with a glass of muskat or Bujski merlot!

This medieval city with only 193 inhabitants is the world center of Glazbena mladez (association of young musicians) and an artist colony. Its surroundings are known for speleological sites and biking trails, while the konobe (local restaurants) are the best places to taste local food and teran.

Nova Vas
Besides its wines, especially malvazija, Nova Vas is also known for the nearby cave - Baredine, home to newts (a type of salamander). In April, you can visit the cave between 10:00 and 16:00. A 300 m path leading through 5 chambers with stalagmites and stalactites ends with a view of a 4 m wide and 66 m deep abyss with underground lakes that are some 30 m deep.

WINE-ROAD 2: Porec and its surroundings (Visnjan, Tar, Baderna, Funtana, Lovrec)

This small city belonging to the top 5 places in the world for the number and importance of its astronomic discoveries is placed 13 km from Porec, close to the river Mirna and the Motovun woods known for truffles. We recommend that you try Porecki merlot or Cabernet sauvignon (local wines).

Tar is a place on the coast close to Novigrad. On a clear, sunny day, visitors can enjoy a unique view of St. Marc’s church tower in Venice and the Alps from the church tower in Tar. If you have dinner in one of the konobe (local restaurants) you will discover istarska malvazija and seafood specialties.

WINE-ROAD 3: Pazin and its surroundings (Buzet, Tinjan, Pazin)

Buzet is placed on a secluded hilltop in the middle of the Mirna valley and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is known to adventure lovers for its paragliding facilities on Raspadalnica, and to music lovers for the music festival "Raspjevana Buzeština" that takes place in April. We recommend a glass of buzetski teran to wine lovers.

Pazin is 32 km from Porec and was in the past the seat of nobility. The old city is placed above a wonder of nature, the cave Fojba, through which flows a brook forming 3 lakes. Pazin's first class turkey dishes along with a glass of pazinski teran are a must for gourmands, while hunters should visit the Vepar Hunting Association.

WINE-ROAD 4: Rovinj (Rovinj, Vodnjan, Valbandon)

A small tourist resort 3 km from Pula is suitable for a quiet holiday. You will enjoy the beautiful mild spring climate on the coast even more if you try the aperitif-wines from the Rovinj wine cellars.

The medieval city of Vodnjan is located on the road to Trieste, 10 km from Pula. Its surroundings are dotted with trails, vineyards and konobe - where you can try sweet malvazija from the Rovinj wine cellars.

Porec, tel. ++385/52/452 797 Pula, tel. ++385/52/215 799
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