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The word "wellness" is made up of two terms "well being" and "fitness". Wellness developed as a way of life in America 30 years ago and emphasizes that in order to lead a satisfying life one should blend into harmony the mental, physical and psychological.
The second term "Spa" actually comes from the Belgian city of health resorts bearing the same name, situated in the Ardennes and recognized for its effective techniques in improving a person's physical condition and beauty.

Since the wellness, or in other words, Spa philosophy represents a total approach to a person, the best results are achieved if a specific treatment is combined with a holiday, because going for a massage or sauna after a long day at work only provides partial physical relief.

This is why we advise you to opt for a wellness package rather than just a single wellness product. Everyone should choose according to their means and availability and take time out for themselves. By doing so you will be giving your spirit, soul and body the best possible gifts - balance and harmony.

Aromatherapy: a method that uses herbal essence oils to help rejuvenate the skin, relax the body and the mind making one feel refreshed. For baths and massages, beneficial essential oils derived from leaves, flowers, fruits and the roots of medicinal plants are used and chosen based on the individual needs of the client. Aroma massage is recommended for skin firming treatments and effectively combats stress, inner turmoil and bad moods because it directly influences a person's sense of balance.

Ayurvedic massage: a technique based on a more than 5000 year-old teaching on the balance between spirit and body - the treatment uses warm sesame oil that is lightly sprayed on the scalp.

Cupping therapy: an ancient type of Chinese massage in which the masseuse uses cups to open the path to the body's "meridians" (parts of the body through which energy flows to all organs) in order to revitalize the entire body.

Finnish sauna: a room in which the temperature is between 60°C and 100°C, intended for spiritual and physical relaxation.

Hot stone massage: a massage that combines cold, warm and very warm stones, found in special volcanic regions retaining the desired temperature. The stone massage is suitable for those people who seek relief for muscle tension and cramps.

Kneip therapy: a type of hydro-therapy that uses a combination of cold and warm water. Warm water relaxes and relieves tension while cold water alleviates pain.

Reflexology: originating from the East, this ancient foot massage focuses on the reflexive points effectively making a person relaxed while establishing an uninterrupted flow of life energy throughout the entire body that is often disturbed by a person's stressful way of life.

Shiatsu massage: a massage that originates from the East in which the therapist applies pressure using his/her fingers all over the body while the person is lying down on the ground wearing light clothing.

Talasotherapy: a therapy using sea water for cosmetic facial and body treatments, baths and massage. Along with seawater, talasotherapy also consists of salt, algae, silt and mud rich in minerals, vitamins and elements in traces.

TUI NA: a Chinese massage that is more than 2000 years old. The purpose of this massage is to balance the yin and the yang in order for the life energy to flow freely through the body. The masseuse combines acupressure and massage techniques, applying pressure, tapping, clapping and rubbing which unblocks the flow of energy. It is particularly beneficial for improving a person's circulation.

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