Poreč is famous for being one of the favorite tourist destinations in Istria with its rich offer on hotel and tourist facilities constantly expanding. Thus, while in Poreč, besides lying relaxed on the beach you can also enjoy various sports like diving, surfing, water skiing or jet-skiing. Poreč's many green parks and flowers beds will welcome you on your entrance to town.

General information

  • Number of residents: 17 460
  • Geographical position: Istria
  • Average summer temperature:26° C
  • Average winter temperature:10-12° C

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History of Poreč goes back to the prehistoric era. Later, a military fortress called castrum was founded on the Poreč peninsula which was 400 meter long and 200 meter wide. During the 1st century under the reign of emperor August this castrum was officially promoted to a town. The town became an administrative and economic center of the region. In time Poreč became a diocese with a Christian cathedral built in the 4th century. Euphrasios basilica was later built as an extension to the original church in the 6th century when bishop Euphrasios issued an ordered for its construction.

In the past Poreč was ruled by Ostrogoths, Byzantium, and Francs, followed by a short period of independence in 12th century. Venetians were subsequent rulers – in this period some of the most beautiful palaces and towers were built - and after the fall of Venetian Republic Poreč fell under the reign of Napoleon and later became a part of Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. At the beginning of 20th century, more accurately in 1910, tourism started developing in Poreč. Since 1943 Poreč, being a part of Istria, became a part of Croatia.

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We have already written a lot about Istrian cuisine, so we can remind you to try delicacies of Istrian cuisine such as gnocchi and "fuži" with many sauces based on meat or vegetables.

Istrian cuisine in not based on meat alone. There are also fish and shell specialties, which are especially tasty with fine Istrian wines.

You will find all this in restaurants in and around Poreč. Search for advice from local residents or restaurant personnel.

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There are many opportunities for typically summer activities in Poreč and surrounding areas, since this whole region has plenty facilities for an active holiday. Thus, you can find many tennis courts, many of which are in Umag where a famous tennis tournament takes place. For those who prefer water sports there are several diving clubs and possibilities to rent sailing boats.

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Fun and night life

Poreč is an interesting place all year long. Many classical music concerts, recitals and other cultural events are held in Euphrasios basilica. In the Green Lagoon there are summer masked festivities, and in the Lapidarium of regional museum you can listen to jazz music concerts, there is a street festival held in Poreč... there is always something to do.

In the evening you can go to one of the local discotheques or some of the cafés where you can continue partying until the small hours of the morning.

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How to get there?

  • By car:
    • Poreč Zagreb 243 km
    • Poreč-Ljubljana 151 km
    • Poreč-Rijeka 92 km
  • By plane: www.croatiaairlines.hr (air port in Puli)
  • By bus: www.akz.hr
  • By train: www.hznet.hr (to Rijeka)
  • Local and international ferry lines: www.jadrolinija.hr
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The beaches surrounding Porec have something for everyone. You can also visit one of the nearby islands with dense pine forests that provide plenty of shade. The beaches in Porec are mainly concrete and the most popular beach is Gradsko kupaliste. South of the city is the tourist community Brulo, where the beaches are also mainly concrete combined with some pebble areas. to top

What to see?

Euphrasios basilica

Euphrasios basilica is the most important cultural monument of Poreč. It is a complex of sacral buildings dating from the 5th century. The original church was extended in the 6th century. The basilica was built under Byzantine Empire, under the patronage of bishop Euphrasios. This unique building was ornamented with beautiful, unique mosaics. From 1997 UNESCO protects Euphrasios basilica as a world heritage site.

Cardo Maximus i Decumanus Streets

Poreč preserved its basic form of a Roman castrum. Two main streets, Cardo and Decumanus are still preserved in their original forms dividing the town in four parts and serving as a basis for a net of town streets. Roman Forum with Roman temples was built on Marafor square. One of the temples was dedicated to god Neptune. There are still several Romanic houses as well as a few beautiful Venetian gothic palaces.

Istrian Assembly hall

Istrian assembly hall was originally a Franciscan church dating from the 13th century. It was later decorated in baroque style in 18th century. Many cultural events take place in the Assembly hall.

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