One hundred years ago mild climate, fresh air and evergreen vegetation formed a strong base for development of wellness tourism that grew and improved more and more as time passed by. If you decide to spend your holiday in Crikvenica today, you can enjoy comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches, three of which carry the eco-label Blue Flag - a guarantee for high water quality, good environmental management, and safety. If you get tired of swimming and sunbathing, you can choose one of many sports activities. Get to know the atmosphere of the town during fishermen's festivities or take a trip to nearby places or Gorski Kotar not far away.

General information

  • Number of residents: 11 350
  • Geographical position: Kvarner bay
  • Climate: mild Mediterranean
  • Average summer temperature: 25° C
  • Average winter temperature: 10° C
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First residents of Crikvenica and its surrounding area were Illyrian tribes, followed by Romans who named the town Ad Turres. After Romans, came Croatians who translated the name Ad Turres as "Kod Tor" meaning "by the towers". This expression further developed to "Kotor" which preceded the town's current name Crikvenica. Today one place near Crikvenica is named Kotor and it lies on the same called hill near the present town of Crikvenica. Kotor is mostly abandoned since most of its inhabitants moved closer to the sea.

Croatians settled in the area in the 8th century, and the town was heavily influenced by dukes from the island of Krk named Frankopani, especially during the Middle Ages. The law of Vinodolski dating back to the year 1288 was the first legal document in Croatia and one of the first legal documents in Europe.

The present town of Crikvenica was founded in the 15th century by duke Nikola IV Frankopan. In the past, local population mostly earned their living fishing while today the majority of people work in tourism.

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Crikvenica is influenced by both continental and Mediterranean lifestyles, which left their traces on the cuisine. There are many delicacies for you to try such as game specialties with aromatic sauces mostly served with gnocchi and red wines.

Still, be sure to try seafood specialties such as fresh fish and shells during your summer vacation. We recommend grilled fish, filled calamari or fish "brudet" usually served with polenta. Don't forget excellent wines that will enrich your meals.

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Even though it may not seem so at first sight, there are plenty of opportunities for sport activities in Crikvenica. Firstly, there are many water sports to engage in such as diving, surfing, sailing besides swimming and sunbathing on the beach.

If you are not a diver, but would like to give it a try, we recommend visiting the local diving center where you can get all the necessary information and advice on how to get far below the sea surface. You can of course remain above the surface and learn how to sail in the local sailing club in Crikvenica.

Moreover, you can bring or rent a bike, since there are numerous bicycle paths around, as well as several bicycle clubs, which would be happy to provide you with more advice on the subject. If you are part of a larger group you can choose to play against each other in a game that combines adventure and fun – paintball.

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Fun and night life

After a day spent on the beach swimming, sunbathing, playing sports and spending time with friends or family, save some energy for the night out.

Especially during summer, cafes next to the sea are full of good music and interesting people. There are also many cultural manifestations where you can learn more about the tradition and customs of this area. Moreover, there are various fashion shows, concerts and festivities.

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How to get there?

  • By car:
    • Crikvenica-Zagreb 156 km highway
    • Crikvenica -Pula 152 km regional road
    • Crikvenica-Trieste 117 km
  • By plane: (Rijeka airport 42 km)
  • By bus:
  • By train: (do Rijeke 37 km)
  • Local and international ferry lines: (37 km to Rijeke)
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Besides pleasant climate you can also enjoy beautiful beaches in Crikvenica. Beaches there have a Blue flag, which stands for high level of water purity and ecological awareness of local people.

Beaches in Crikvenica and its surroundings are mostly pebbled with pine groves that will protect you from sun heath. Crikvenica is one of the sunniest places on the Adriatic with some 2500 sunny hours a year, so you don't have to worry about returning home without a nice tan.

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What to see?


Kotor is a real treat for all history lovers. Basically, Kotor is an archeological zone where you can see traces of a prehistoric settlement, as well as traces of medieval houses. It doesn't take a historian to explain how people used to live here; with a little imagination you can picture it yourself! Smaller buildings as well as ruins of medieval church can also be found in Kotor.

Pavlina Convent

Former convent and present hotel is situated in the eastern part of Crikvenica between the sea and river Dubračina. In the 15th century Pavlins built a convent as their foundation there. Next to the convent is the church of Blessed Virgin Mary. The basic structure of the convent remained the same but it's appearance changed to fit better with the hotel requirements.

Hotel Therapy

At the end of the 19th century Crikvenica became a famous health resort together with other places along the Adriatic coast. Hotel Therapy was built as a sort of example for other hotels. The area around the hotel was arranged into a beautiful park with tropical vegetation and the side of the hotel facing the sea was furnished with many balconies, terraces and loggias where guests have enjoyed the fresh air and pleasant climate. The tradition of tourism in Crikvenica is especially vivid in this beautiful hotel.

Toš (old olive press)-Dramalj

Dramalj is a nice small place situated on the coast right next to Crikvenica. It is famous for its beautiful beaches. An old olive press which was used for making olive oil and which is no longer functional testifies of the strong tradition of olive growing on this part of the Adriatic.

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Did you know?

  • ... that several artifacts have been found in Crikvenica such as spears, swords, axes and jewelry dating back to the bronze age?
  • … that there is a palm tree on the heraldry of Crikvenica?
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