This new route differs from most other in a number of things. First off, we offer you enough time to enjoy intensively in the unique beauty of Dubrovnik, because we do not set off to the sea until Monday. In the course of our journey, we will visit the islands of Korcula, Lastovo and Mljet, that surely go amongst the most beautiful islands of southern Dalmatia. The highlight of the tour is certainly the full day bus tour through the Neretva River delta, the so-called “Croatian California”, and to the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Mostar you will be able to feel a whiff of the Orient, for the city’s skyline is dominated by mosques, minarets and the famous bridge across the Neretva River.

Short route description:Dubrovnik - island Korčula - peninsula Peljesac - island Lastovo - island Mljet - Elafiti - Dubrovnik

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1st day

Boarding in Dubrovnik (the port of Gruz) during the day. Depending on your flight time, you will have the whole day and the whole evening to explore the Dubrovnik´s unique historical core, a true open-air museum. The Old Town is about half an hour on foot from the port, or a few minutes on the local bus, which stops in the vicinity and runs every 15 minutes. The price of ticket is 10 Kuna, and the last bus back is at 2 am. The rest of the day is at your disposal to explore this extraordinary ancient city. Stroll down the famous Stradun Street, walk along the magnificent city walls and visit numerous remarkable sites and buildings. Dinner and overnight stay.

2nd day

After breakfast, we set sail and make our way to the island of Korcula. We will be going past the mountainous peninsula of Peljesac (St. Elias, the highest point, is 961 m above sea level), take a swim break and continue. The town of Korcula boasts one of the most beautiful historical cores in all of Dalmatia. Because of its fortress-like walls, it is often called the "Little Dubrovnik". In ancient times, the island was called the "black island", for its thick and vast pine tree forests. We will spend the night in the town port.

3rd day

As early as 6 am we will raise anchor and sail around the northwestern tip of the Peljesac peninsula towards the mainland. Around 10 am we will dock in the port of Ploce, where a bus will be waiting to take us on a full day tour. We will first drive down to the delta of the Neretva River, spread on an area of 20 000 ha, of which 12 000 ha lies in Croatia, and the rest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The delta was once a swampy area drained in 1880 in order to make use of the terrain for agricultural purposes. The result were the biggest tangerine fields on the Adriatic, often called the "Croatian California". There was a time when boats were the only means of transport in the delta, and although roads have been built in the meantime, some peasants still use these traditional boats to take their produce to the markets by the river. The area is rich in both flora and fauna, so 310 species of birds, 34 species of fresh water fishes and 100 species of sea fishes can be found here, as well as numerous types of plants. After we go for a boat ride on the delta canals, we will have a lunch of dishes that are traditionally made in the region. We will then continue the drive towards Mostar, the capital of the Herzegovina region, which is mostly inhabited by Croats. The city´s trademark is the Old Bridge across the Neretva River, built in the 16th century by the Ottoman architect Mimar Hayrudi. The bridge had been destroyed in 1993 during the war in Bosnia, but was subsequently rebuilt between 1996 and 2004. The bridge and the city´s old quarter have in 2005 been listed as UNESCO´s World Heritage sites. The bridge is meant to symbolize the peaceful coexistence of different peoples of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Karadjoz-Bey´s Mosque can also be found in its vicinity, and visitors can also inspect the interiors. After we have a look around Mostar, we will be returning to Ploce and continue to the village of Trpanj on the Peljesac peninsula by boat, where we will also spend the night.

4th day

We will proceed in the direction of south Dalmatian islands. Our today´s destination is the village of Vela Luka, which lies in a deeply cut cove on the west side of the Island of Korcula. The surrounding hills protect it from northern and southern winds, while mistral wind brings it refreshment in the summer. A couple of islets lie in front of the cove, of which Proizd is a well-known bathing spot, with taxi-boat service connecting it with the port. Vela Luka is also the birthplace of more than one famous Croatian singer, so it has been said that the songs of local fishermen sound better here than anywhere else.

5th day

At a distance of about 3 hours of sailing from Vela Luka lies the Island of Lastovo, where the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) once had its military base. As a result, the island was closed off to visitors and tourists. Thus, the island retained its authenticity and remains a true oasis of tranquility, adorned by lush Mediterranean vegetation. We will stop in the cove of Saint Michael near the town of Lastovo, the island´s capital. The town was not built on the sea shore, but some 2 km above the bay - we still think it pays to go for a walk to visit it.

6th day

We leave Lastovo and sail to the Island of Mljet, where we will anchor in the Pomena cove. A part of the island has been designated national park - two salt lakes (the bigger one having a small island in the middle, home to an erstwhile monastery), connected with the sea only by a small canal. All interested can visit the National Park (entrance fee, including a boat ride to the island with the monastery, is € 15, payment on the spot). After the visit to the National Park, we will sail out again, this time to one of the coves in the east of the island, where we will spend the night.

7th day

We will be heading towards the Elaphites archipelago, where we will drop anchor to go for a swim break. After a longer break, we will be returning to Dubrovnik to spend our last night of the tour there. Spend Saturday night enjoying the Old Town´s wonderful atmosphere. Walk down Stradun Street, have a drink in one of the cafés or stop and listen to the buskers.

8th day

Disembarkation after breakfast at around 9 am. If your flight leaves in the afternoon or evening, you have another chance to visit Dubrovnik.

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